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Control your home
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smartphone from $949

What is a Wirefree smart home?

Smart homes are about safety, comfort and convenience. Saving money and the environment is a nice bonus! We specialise in wireless technologies which are cost-efficient and can be installed in just a few hours, without having to upgrade your existing electrical system.


Bank grade AES-128 encryption


Significantly less than wired tech


No new cables or holes in the wall


Easy to retrofit & easy to upgrade


Control everything from a simple app

The free app lets you control your smart home from anywhere. Turn on/off lights, heating and ventilation. Monitor and operate door locks, gates and cameras for security. The system can also easily expand and integrate with additional appliances as your needs change.

Smart Lock

Smart locks and security

Our Lockwood + Vera smart lock kit lets you lock/unlock and manage pin codes from your phone. Receive alerts when a lock is opened, or add a Hikvision IP camera to view and record live video. Add a garage door or gate controller for full perimeter control – right from your phone.

Smappe Home Energy Monitor

Energy Monitoring

With a single device installed in your switchboard you can monitor energy consumption and cost for individual appliances. Find out where energy is wasted, and take informed action. You can also receive alerts based on solar production, energy use or individual appliances.


Intelligent lighting

Lights can be automated to come on when you enter a room, and to dim at night time. Mode switches let you change lighting scenes such as “home”, “movie” or “away” with a single tap. Our wireless transmitters are small and fit behind existing switches. Full home automation starts at $3799 for a 3-bedroom home.

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  • Very helpful service. Fast delivery. Highly recommend Wirefree.

    Sean, SA